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0011093Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Input/Keybinding/Macrospublic2019-05-10 14:492019-05-12 23:40
Windows 8
0011093: Highlighting a creature/dwarf crashes the game
Game runs fine for about 20 minutes, then crashes upon highlighting a dwarf or creature with anything from the look command to using the mouse.
Load or start a new game, wait anywhere from 15-30 minutes, than click or highlight any unit and see if game crashes.
This started from a new install, I haven't played in a few years and installed PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack, after starting my game and embarking I played for about 15 minutes and it crashed. This happened multiple times whether or not I was starting a new world and save or loading an existing one. Ive tried with the Meph Pack and the same thing is happening. Not sure at this point if its an issue with the game or not.
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You'll need to provide a save game as your steps to reproduce the crash don't reproduce the crash. Upload to DFFD and hopefully the root cause can be figured out by someone.

Does it crash in vanilla dwarf fortress too (starter pack isn't vanilla dwarf fortress)?