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0011130: Can't build gold statues
I am unable to build gold statues from the Mason's Workshop even though I have a stockpile with at least 1 "gold nuggets". The gold nuggets come straight from the digging and aren't processed. I am able to create statues of other kinds. I noticed that the "native gold" isn't showing any amounts in the list when I select "d: Details" while having "Construct rock Statue" selected. Other materials.

I receive a notification "<name dwarf>, <profession dwarf> cancels Construct native gold Statue: Needs gold nuggets."
1) Build Mason's Workshop.
2) Dig Native Gold.
3) Add "Construct rock Statue in the Mason's Workshop.
4) Highlight "Construct rock Statue."
5) Press "d" for "Details," to set a material type.
6) Highlight Native gold."
7) Press enter.
I have tried to:

Build a new Mason's Workshop. Same issue.
Restart the game. Same issue.
Make sure that I have "gold nuggets" in my stocks menu ("Z" > "stocks")
Make sure that I have "gold nuggets" in the right borrow.
Tried to not have burrows at all.
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Economic stones (including gold nuggets) must be enabled in the z-Status > Stone menu prior to use as stones. Enabling gold nuggets will allow your mason to use gold when completing specific jobs (make native gold statue) *and* non-specific jobs (make rock door), so you might want to toggle it back when you're done.