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0011138Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2019-08-05 11:322019-08-05 13:53
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0011138: Human sieges bring horses as soldiers rather than mounts
I had a human siege arrive with a "Horse Recruit." They behaved exactly like an enemy soldier -- didn't appear on the livestock list like mounts usually do, didn't have a rider, etc.
This was totally beyond my control so reproduction isn't really practical, but provoking a human siege would probably be the first step.
I have a save file available if it would be helpful. My raws are slightly modified (I used the DFhack script that reintroduces human Guild Representatives in order to make trade agreements) but apart from that none of my edits should affect humans (or horses) at all.
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duplicate of 0006708confirmed Footkerchief Human civilization's soldier is an Alligator Recruit. 
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