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0011144Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2019-08-17 14:352019-08-18 12:26
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0011144: Traders show up at same time as Giantess now I cannot trade
The dwarven caravan showed up and began to set up at my depot, shortly afterward, a giantess showed up on the map. The caravan guards dispatched the giantess with ease, but not before she apparently killed one of their wagons. Now the still "living" wagon is sitting on my depot, a number of the goods have been unloaded, and the merchants are clustered around my depot, but it says no one is there to trade.
My guess would be the caravan simply needs to be threatened in some way while setting up (maybe the destruction of a wagon is also necessary), but I have not tested this.
Seems like entering combat interrupted them setting up at my depot, and they failed to finish their set up once combat ended.
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duplicate of 0007619acknowledged Loci Traders frigthtened by wild animals won't pack up and leave. 
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