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0011145: Body parts fell through ground
I had a human siege and fought them on my front yard. After the battle I noticed how the rooms one z-level below the surface (right under the battlefield) were cluttered with some teeth, severed limbs and blood.

There were no holes, grates or other supposedly passable elements for them to fall through, unless the local soil is fluffy enough for the projectiled legs to keep going.
1. Open file 00101-07-01. http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14520 [^]
2. Wait for the human siege to occur (comes during the same in-game day as the save is).
3. Let the enemy come closer to the main entrance (hotkey F1 and areas slightly north from it) where there are rooms only 1 z-lvl underneath the aboveground.
4. Hit enemies 'till teeth and limbs come off.
5. Check the room directly below to find blood, teeth and body parts.

If a save where this mess has already happened and no cleaning done is needed, I can provide.

I reproduced this once by reloading and replaying the same siege. The soil at the first battleground was peat and at the second battleground loam, and the issue happened on both. Replicating on stone is harder, as I don't have any natural solid stone ground above the aquifier (I have digged through if one would like to construct a battlefield in a cavern and mince some terrors living in there. Haven't noticed this falling effect happening during my previous battles on the map as the confrontations tend to happen far away from the main entrance and its next-to-the-surface rooms.
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duplicate of 0010830confirmed Loci Falling objects (bolts, body parts, etc.) glitch through floor into rooms below 
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Pretty much any falling object can currently fall through a floor tile thanks to 0010830. I don't see any reason to suspect body parts are behaving uniquely.