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0011148Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2019-09-04 03:272019-09-04 03:27
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0011148: outside/inside tiles swapped
On finding a leather hut (haven't observed this with other materials yet) in the same location as an embark, the tiles under the floor above (roof) are tagged as outside, however the tiles above, on the roof are tagged as inside, and yet they're open to the sky unobstructed.

These should be the other way around. The user is blocked from placing furniture inside the hut, but is able to place furniture on the roof.
Create a pocket sized world with 1050 years of history, maximum sites (I guess?) and repeatedly embark in forested areas to try and find a leather hut/hunter's lodge type building. Attempt to build furniture inside and on the roof of the said building.
the map that this occurred on was a 2x2 embark zone, hut was uninhabited, 1050 year history, pocket size. There was also a campfire. Building size was 9x9 (made from fox leather, walls and floors)
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