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0011153: Migrants and Traders fall into the river and drown upon spawning
On my current save, all migrants will spawn directly on the river on the map and start drowning. I've tried several things, but nothing seems to keep them from killing themselves. Some traders even end up meeting the same fate. Here's the save. http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14538 [^]
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2019-09-20 01:38   
Did your embark party start on ice on the river? If they were, it might explain (but not excuse) DF for assuming it would be possible to walk there for other groups.

You can save your future migrants by building a floor over the area they'll enter at (3 tiles wide if you want to allow wagons to make it through).
2019-09-21 07:55   
I'm unsure, but that does sound very possible. It's probably that. Thanks for the advice, I'll try replacing the bridge with floor tiles once I'm able to.