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LinuxUbuntu18.04.3 LTS
0011169: Weird graphic glitches in Adventurer mode
When playing in adventurer mode, the whole game is looking awful with graphic glitches everywhere.

It seems that when a big update is needed on the screen, this problem is more persistent. I am able to reproduce it every time I play in Adventurer mode and the problem occur very frequently.

Some specific actions that triggers the problem is the fast travel and when I enter a tavern, where a lot of people is talking.
- Start a save in Adventurer mode (any race, any skills, anywhere);
- Enter a tavern full of people talking or;
- Activate Fast Travel and start traveling or;
- Bring up menus like grabbing, attacking, talking or something else;

The glitches are everywhere.
I have screenshots.

https://imgur.com/a/yvTdMRL [^]

Also, I am using GemSet tileset with TWBT print mode. Tried with default ASCII (not in the screenshots) and the same problem can be observed.
0.44.12, adventurer mode, graphics
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Simulated with SpaceFox tileset and pure ASCII using TWBT.

SpaceFox: https://imgur.com/a/4m3zkt9 [^]
ASCII: https://imgur.com/3vHqDrd [^]

With ASCII it happens less often.
2019-10-25 22:25   
(edited on: 2019-10-25 22:26)
Can you reproduce without TWBT which is known to not be compatible with adventurer and often crashes it?

I play with a standard tileset and have never seen anything like the screenshot you posted. Almost 100% sure this is not a DF vanilla bug.

2019-10-26 04:52   
Yup, you're right. Tested with Kruggsmash tileset with standard print mode and it works pretty well. No glitches at all.

This can be closed.