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0011172Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Missionspublic2019-10-30 20:112019-10-31 05:29
Windows 7Home Premium SP1
0011172: Game crashes while: Caravan leaves, mission returns, mission leaves
My game is currently saved in a state where it will crash within a minute of loading my fortress. It crashes:
- Shortly after the last wagon of a human caravan leaves, but while there are still other assorted humans pathing to the edge of the map;
- Shortly after requested workers returned from a holding, and were reassigned to their old squad;
- Shortly after another squad was assigned a mission to explore an unoccupied tomb; two members of that squad hadn't yet left;
- Shortly after I deleted a training area where about 50 dogs were pastured; maybe that many dogs all pathing at once is too much.

Sadly, I can't isolate the issue. I saved moments before this happened, and there's no time to change anything. :/
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2019-10-31 05:29   
A save uploaded to DFFD (dffd.bay12games.com) is necessary for anyone to be able to investigate the cause of the crash. However, the most common reason is raid equipment corruption resulting when DF screws up specific equipment as squads returns from raids and attempts to assign new equipment to dorfs.