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0011177Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Animalspublic2019-11-13 14:532019-11-13 21:34
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0011177: Handle animal job cancellation spam
A dwarf is standing in normal ground and a gander is standing on a downward slope. The dwarf is likely trying to pick it up to pasture it. There isn't any inaccessible tile that I can see (there is no workshop here, unlike 0011173)

uploaded my save here, and you can see the alert tab is full of this guy wanting to grab the goose
https://www.mediafire.com/file/n7sg896ycmmi00j/world.sav/file [^]
(link expires in 14 days because I didn't bother to make an account, sorry)
Wasn't watching when this bug started happening, but a cave in did occur shortly before (however both this gander and the dwarf didn't fall in the cave in and the dust had settled and those who did get hurt had already got up and left)
-Upon loading the save the dwarf (cog Oslanudist) is in the middle of the screen, in the tunnel into my fort.
-Shortly after the save loads a migrant wave appeared
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Note: I think i labelled this as dwarf mode which means adventurer mode instead of fortress mode. Sorryy
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Thank you for the report. Please note that uploaded saves need to contain the contents of the entire region folder, not just the .sav file. Additionally, please use DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ) for saves (14-day availability is insufficient for the Dwarf Fortress bug fixing cycle).

Downward slope tiles are not walkable (they're basically open space tiles with a convenience indicator of a ramp on the tile below). So, presumably, the gander is flying and truly inaccessible. Building a wall on the tile below the gander will add a floor to the gander's tile, likely allowing the handling job to complete.

Since this appears to be a different problem than 0005709, would you please upload a complete save to DFFD so that Toady can reproduce and fix it?