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0011194Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2019-12-17 15:032019-12-18 03:57
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0011194: Tooths Treated as Whole Corpses for Purposes of Stress
When you kill a monster, sometimes teeth or bones fly everywhere. I have, before, removed a whole corpse, just to find that those particularly stressed by the sight of bodies are just as scared of the teeth that lie around, going so far as to cancel their current jobs. They even treat the teeth as the whole corpse in their thoughts; 'he was horrified after seeing the minotaur Cuthroz Hollowaxes the Quandary of Keys's dead body'.

Kill a monster messily, and then leave body parts strewn. Remove all but the teeth, and allow your dwarves to go into the area. Examine their thoughts, particularly those known to be uneasy or horrified by corpses.
Please note:
This occurred with a minotaur, and I have been unable to confirm that it happens again with anything else just because of the difficulty of killing a monster messily. I am sure I've seen it happen before, but that could easily be confirmation bias.
The teeth in question were the upper left back.
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According to the 05/11/2018 devlog, Toady was planning to fix this in v0.44.11:

"I'm also planning on toning down the memories from seeing little corpse bits like teeth..."

Do you have any evidence that that fix was unimplemented or unsuccessful?
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Caravans can now (0.44.12) pass by half goblin teeth (and sometimes even whole goblin corpses) without automatically panicking, so something was definitely done.

I would expect the issue here is actually the report text not being changed, so every bit is still reported as the whole corpse (it wasn't too long ago seeing a corpse was reported as seeing the actual death of the creature), while the stress effect under the hood actually is differentiated.

To determine if it's just an incorrect text or if there actually is no difference, you'd have to examine the stress generated teeth, intermediate size body parts and (mostly) whole corpses for a range of dorfs. To make sure the test is done correctly, each corpse part should be from a different individual (to avoid any reductions that may take place for multiple viewings of the same individual), but all bits should be of the same class of corpse (i.e. all of them should be invading goblins, or all of them should be invading trolls, etc.)
It would be even better if the different test subjects were subjected to the bits in different orders, to account for (the probably completely non existent) desensitizing effect of multiple victims.