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0011209Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2020-01-12 18:272020-01-26 10:48
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0011209: noxious secretion affect the source of those, keeping them in combat and lower fps
i have a forgotten beast on the map that emits noxious secretions constantly. it got in a fight with some elk bird and since then its spamming new messages of being caught in a burst of its own secretions constantly, in a combat report that is already 67 pages long (although some of the messages are even grouped together!) with no end in sight.

Since this beast appeared on the map my fps sunk from 15 fps to 11 fps. This is a significant drop since an invasion with 80 goblins + a group of trolls and ogre affect my game by maybe 1 fps or less.

it appears that forgotten beast are immune to its own toxins, but those with noxious secretions interact with its own body constantly, keeping it in combat and causing a huge amount of unnecessary calculations and also turning the ui combat alert ("c" at the border of the screen) useless
getting a forgotten beast on the map which emits "noxious secretions". Having it stuck on one place will multiply the combat messages due to spreading their secretions to the surroundings it is stuck in.
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I don't know about the fps impact, but the constant combat report spam is annoying.