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0011213: Liaison leaves unhappy if mayor goes out on a raid
I've sent my military to pillage a human hamlet at the beginning of autumn. Before the squads went to the edge of the map, the dwarven caravan came in, and the liaison tried to have meeting with my mayor, who was currently one of my militia captains. The mayor went off the map with the rest of my army, and the liaison waited there and left unhappy once the squads returned.
Have a mayor be part of your military and send him on a raid at the beginning of autumn. If the liaison comes in in the meantime, he will leave unhappy once your squads return from the raid.
My civ is currently at war with the humans. This has started some dwarven years ago due to conflict about the display of trophies.

The mayor has been elected normally, and the elected dwarf was already the militia captain of my third squad.

The pillaging was successful, none of my troops died or were imprisoned.
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Sending important dwarves on raids is already inadvisable for a number of reasons, though it would seem that the liaison should either leave unhappy immediately or wait around and conduct the meeting, not wait around to leave unhappy once the mayor returns.