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0011224Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2020-01-29 06:442020-02-05 19:32
Toady One 
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0011224: Asking a Pet to Wait is Permanent
When asking a favour to wait here, the pet will wait. However, asking them to follow will *not* make them follow
1. Generate adventurer with pet
2. Ask pet "favor" to wait here
3. Walk around, confirm pet stays
4. Ask pet "favor" to follow you
5. Walk around, pet does not follow you
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related to 0011225resolved Toady One Waiting Pet Becomes Recruit When Fast Traveling 
has duplicate 0011287resolved Loci Dog not following after being told to wait and then to follow again 
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2020-01-30 01:46   
Confirmed. Cat is still sitting in the same spot even after traveling some distance away and returning.