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0011230Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2020-01-29 11:142022-03-09 01:00
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0011230: Crash on worldgen during world history generation
I set the world to gen while I was gone this morning, and when I had come back, Dwarf Fortress had crashed around year 250 in the history phase of worldgen
I had the following set for my world options:
World Size: Large
History: Long
# of Civs: Very High
Max # of Sites: Very High
# of Beasts: Very High
Natural Savagery: Very High
Mineral Occurance: Everywhere
I'll run the world gen with the same settings later and see if I get the same result.
crash, history, worldgen
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2020-01-29 16:57   
The seeds which caused the crash would be quite useful if they crash reliably. Please copy them from "gamelog.txt" and post them here. Thanks!
2020-01-29 18:36   
(edited on: 2020-01-29 18:57)
I have a parameter set that seems to crash consistently at around year 358. (Windows 10 Laptop)

https://pastebin.com/4AK4JCh0 [^]

2020-01-30 06:46   
Here are seeds, with which the vanilla 0.47.01 crashes consistently at 60th year - so it should be easier to wait for crash when testing:
Generating world using parameter set LARGE REGION
 Seed: R9icKscYxmcBKRtCCKZJ
 History Seed: hBfG6Elyz8LjyWsrdvla
 Name Seed: qaNwdLLoVokwx80c5tDr
 Creature Seed: 5D3t5tHiFMe444lmE1ej
2020-01-30 21:14   
here is the crash info

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 5445555
 Seed: I6iuEeYOKqsQkucmGKQ2
 History Seed: aCuMGAciAEIicEoQA2OK
 Name Seed: K8q0CeC8qksEiW6YACCY
 Creature Seed: YiUycuky2GKCOuiQ0kuq
2020-02-01 07:48   
A consistent crash after 500 years:

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 5533333
 Seed: 9zo67igMGOhNH9f9Z4jy
 History Seed: LcIr68xmcV1cZQvARp1G
 Name Seed: hxAb5AxXhsxSIL5jFdTa
 Creature Seed: qNwKiqYEAmWPYdOw21bS
2020-02-04 17:24   
Consistent crash in year 280 or so

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4532545
 Seed: swesiWgCYgoMa0eCaeUI
 History Seed: QeaW0aySmiKs0oGQaCMm
 Name Seed: Sky0G2Eao6CmYgc68akw
 Creature Seed: UaWgi8wGGWCMUSoAIcaM

errorlog.txt has this but not sure if it's related:
MOUNTAIN trying to generate musical form without speech or instruments
2020-02-04 17:47   
Is MOUNTAIN gnomes?
2020-02-04 23:05   
I also had a world gen crash with a complaint about "MOUNTAIN trying to generate musical form without speech or instruments"

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4333334
 Seed: AQEuEKc4mYQOww42GUgU
 History Seed: 6e0A6MkM2yUSacayAys8
 Name Seed: GkQkgkSmO2Ea2yyAS8ay
 Creature Seed: MGGe6oOOA8ekG6cOWUc4
2020-02-04 23:08   
MOUNTAIN refers to dwarf civilization entities.
2020-02-05 03:52   
Mountain entity fortresses that fall to clowns from the inside aren't their own type but are conquered by site-less army when the underworld passage is created.

Embark neighbour screen identifies them as goblin evil entity, and natively posess only percussion on raws, if there is any conflict of instrument usage or creation of new musical forms across time against MOUNTAIN entity site; since they also generate their own gods too 0011262 , it may be relevant.
2020-11-16 17:08   
Another crash
Generating world using parameter set POCKET ISLAND
 Seed: riDo6HEy5LyPZLBg1Inj
 History Seed: V6fdjZGoKmaET4BAScLT
 Name Seed: VkavVwySFgVpcagmZ2GX
 Creature Seed: J08GTY4J6aibetKFpoep
2021-11-06 13:16   
Had a crash to desktop during worldgen. Mostly unmodded; only added a couple iron-bearing rocks.

Was generating Medium world, Long history, Medium Number of Civilizations, Medium Maximum number of Sites, Very High Number of Beasts, Very High Natural Savagery, Frequent Mineral Occurrence. Crash occurred slightly after year 400.

Messages in error log:

Impoverished Word Selector
MOUNTAIN trying to generate musical form without speech or instruments
MOUNTAIN trying to generate musical form without speech or instruments

Don't know how to find the seed
2022-03-01 13:52   
Also had a crash during worldgen, large world and long history, crashed around year 700-750.

Generating world using parameter set CREATE WORLD NOW = 4333333
 Seed: WG0iiK0AiuqwkiWImsoG
 History Seed: G2sIGIC42YYeC8sSqoEq
 Name Seed: gIgsoOCauIaSeWKKqmwi
 Creature Seed: c8acWeGeWqIgYK2ey0Yq
2022-03-09 01:00   
I was getting a rather consistent crash that I figured out involved trying to get the subtype of a null item (subtype meaning e.g. ITEM_WEAPON_SWORD_SHORT for short swords, though it's an ID rather than a string), but trying some of the seeds here is getting me nothing. The most recent example (WG0iiK0AiuqwkiWImsoG etc.) I've currently run to the year 1500.