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0011243: Fast travelling while transformed cancels animal transformation
My dwarf adventurer was transformed into a giant echidna by the divination dice in a fortress's shrine which, according to the pop-up, should last a week. After fast travelling a short distance away the transformation was canceled despite it not being even a day.

Additionally I noticed after both transformations that the description of the adventurer changed afterwards and described them as fat and muscular, not present prior. Was originally incredibly skinny due to high recuperation stat. No attributes appeared to change in the character attribute screen, however.
1.) Become transformed into a beast via divination dice
2.) Fast travel
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http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=176027.msg8119482#msg8119482 [^]

I won't create a new thread so to not spam, I have a little problem: So I am playing adventure mode:

I found a shrine thingy with a die... so I rolled it, It turned me into a giant rat! (dropped all my items on the ground)
So I hung around near my stuff, wondering how long will I be a rat... I did bit few gray langurs in the meantime, which was fun...went sleep, woke up back a human.

Picked up all my stuff... and my walking speed is 0.099. I checked all my stats (thinking "Oh, prolly I have the strength of a rat , or something), I'm still an Adequate Armor user and have Above average strength. When im totally naked my speed is 0.952 (Walking speed, and standing/ Jog brings me up to 1.344) now.... when I pick up an item.. say my Copper chain leggins (their weight is 29) my speed goes down from 0.952 to 0.158... No matter if I put them on or carry them in my hand, totally naked otherwise slow as a turtle, what happened to me? (when I try to jog having the leggings on me, the speed is 0.166) (When crawling: 0.119)

Also, 0011271 and 0011365 are duplicates.
2020-04-09 05:52   
I have also had this happen with a party companion who was transformed into a Giant Mosquito (I think?) at a shrine - fast travelling apparently cancelled the transformation.