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0011258Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2020-01-31 07:282020-01-31 08:40
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0011258: Crash on Adventurer game start
I have a nearly dead world from a zombie apocalypse. The only playable races are Dwarf in the last remaining mountain hall, a few animal men, and human outsiders. Game starts fine if you are part of the dwarf civ, but the human outsider causes a crash immediately on game start for any of the locations.
try to start adv mode with a human outsider.
The human outsider start allows for picking any creature on embark, including unicorns, rocs, dragons, and hydras. You also are able to begin on a vault, which according to legends was captured by a zombie horde led by a mummy (along with nearly every other site in the world).
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