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0011262Dwarf FortressReligionpublic2020-01-31 09:162020-02-09 03:26
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0011262: Sects are generated alongside demon forts
When a demon fort is created via dwarves (or other races) 'digging too deep' a variety of custom religions are created, which in turn get carried around. Demons themselves are drawn to worship and in turn migrate to other goblin settlements where the religion can be found.

This causes problems down the line as demons will gather under leaders who believe and enforce the religion locally, and most of them are fanatically devout.
Run a world for a extended period of time, and look through the list of generated gods tied to specific overthrown governments, or evil spheres with no links to dark tower creation.

Or analyze my XML download and data looking for the name of the god "Zimun Pukefroths 'The Hideous'" hailing from 'The Hatchets of Fancying' and their associated devout worshipers, spreading across the world.
File of the XML data & various maps: (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14694 [^] ))

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2020-01-31 17:17   
What do you consider to be the bug here?
2020-02-05 04:56   
In neighbors screen, the overtaken by underworld resident forts are listed as Goblin-entity. However Goblins are atheist with no inherient pantheon and only have a [SPHERE_ALIGNMENT:WAR:512] modifier to influence generated religions that has no parent/child correlation with death/disease etc. unique-demon associated spheres.
Unless Toady would like to clarify and share the underworld resident's entity code, id assume that its unintentional. The only other explanation i can think of is a [POWER] association, but they do not canonize themselves as objects of worship.
2020-02-05 05:05   
[POWER] creature token has not been relevant to religion specifically since v0.28.181.40d's [RELIGION:ANY_APPROPRIATE_POWER] and self representation as dieties in v34.11 unless this is a new implentation for 47.01.

Wiki Links respectively
(( http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/v0.34:Creature_token#POWER [^] ))
(( http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/40d:Creature_token#P [^] ))
2020-02-09 03:26   
Checking RAWS again, on a creature level [SPREAD_EVIL_SPHERES_IF_RULER] is present on demons this issue would affect and a likely cause, as mentioned for 47.01's file changes.

On seperate instances also, Dwarves of the embark starting seven are also being generated with religious links to dig-deep-disaster fort death/blight etc spheres like on this save for another issue report 0011345 , the only noticable difference to mention from vanilla being that this fortress religion was modded with less global pantheons to try and more effectively filter out world relgions.

(( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14767 [^] ))