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0011277: Denied zone petitions revert to ' . ' in name
When a temple petition is denied, the name of it is culled without being removed from dwarves minds to taking offense to it (with indignation), including inclusion in memories. Leading to instances of feeling offended over `.`

Said god it was petitioned about was not a god on my list of pantheon candidates and this occured in a no particular temple zone, though i believe it would happen also in a dedicated shrine
Create a temple and wait for a petition once you have enough followers, deny it, creating a 'indignant' negative thought response. Wait roughly a season or sooner, and it shall end up being culled. Optional - Use a no-particular temple type.

In save - Find any worshipper of Vakist (all of my dwarves worship the same god any will do) and scan their minds. The name of the temple petition has been omitted.
This was only attempted with temples, unclarified for guild halls as i hadn't formed the conditions for one yet. Dont worry about the fortress, you only need to quickly skim through some mind screens ideally.

Here is a image of the screen of a affected dwarf Doren Pagepalace (( https://puu.sh/F5Y3X/dbad355243.png [^] ))

And here is a save to the affected fortress.
(( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14704 [^] ))
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Can confirm for farmer guildhall petition in 0.47.02. The thought they got is "He feels indignant ."
2021-02-13 15:41   
Additional evidence from the public domain for a unclarified 47.05 game, where the likeness of the pre-formation farmers guild was set to nil when selected out of civilization images in details.

URL: <https://old.reddit.com/r/dwarffortress/comments/lj0x7b/tried_to_make_a_statue_in_honor_of_my_new_farmers/ [^] >