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0001128: Inexplicable blood fountain
Ok so one of the first things I did in my fort was make an irrigation tunnel from the nearby brook to my farm area(several z levels below my main entrance), floogate it off, attach levers, irrigate my farm, drop the floodgates, and forget about it. Year 2, I decide to improve upon the tunnel and make it an indoor water source/well. So I pierce the water tube to drain it into a big underground quarry, so I can get access to the tube and make alterations.

When my miner breaches the tube, blood starts pouring out. And not just one kind. It seems to be all the various bloods of all the various creatures that have died on my map. Theres trogolodyte blood, Giant Cave Spider blood, puppy blood, and dog blood. Its really gruesome. Interestingly, there is no dwarf blood, although I have had a few deaths from a Fire Man jumping into my smith area before it was finished.

The water itself doesn't appear to be bloody.

I don't know where to begin.
The tube was full of water, but sealed off from the brook and the farm by floodgates at both ends. So it was stagnant, meaning it wasn't moving. Most of the blood seems to be from the Cave Spider incident, when a giant cave spider snuck into my fort and burst out and killed a bunch of dogs before i was able to take it out. This battle happened 4 z-levels directly above the tube, but there's no path in between.

Did the blood seep through the earth?

However, some of the blood is trogolodyte blood, and the trogolodytes were all killed near the caves _below_ and not directly underneath the tube.

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Did you mine into the tube or channel into it? Flowing water will wash the blood off of creatures in it, and carry that blood with it. Is it plausible that your miner was covered in blood? If he was involved in the battles mentioned he could have gotten coated, or even picked up a little on his shoes if he walked around in it. If you mined into the side and the water touched him, that could explain where it all came from.
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Hmm that's a thought. The fight happened in what was the meeting area at the time, and some of the blood from it is still there (over a year later). The trogolodytes died in a stairway, so everyone has pretty much walked there too. I will check up on this.

UPDATE: yarp, that explains it. Case closed. Time to create a dwarf cleaning system.