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0011283Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Renderingpublic2020-02-01 17:572020-02-01 17:57
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0011283: Displayed fps does not seem to be capped by FPS_CAP
When i enable FPS display , in the DF main menu and when i am waiting (key . ) in adventure mode, the FPS is going over the FPS_CAP value.

I have set [FPS_CAP:90] and [G_FPS_CAP:25]
In main menu the FPS displayed is roughly around 100 (so it's over the 90 cap)

In Adventure mode, when my character is waiting by pressing the key . the FPS displayed increase vastly to crazy levels ( fps gets to more than 500 after pressing . a few times)

Tried in PRINT_MODE 2D and STANDARD to see if it did a difference, but the fps does the same thing.

I have no idea if it's the FPS display that is actually wrong or if the FPS_CAP does not cap the fps correctly.
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