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0011306Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machinespublic2020-02-04 11:482020-02-04 12:20
0011306: Unable to build millstone in open space
If you set a millstone to build on an open space that is connected to a vertical axle/gear assembly that is underneath it, the dwarves will never start construction.
1. Channel a tile
2. Build a gear assembly or vertical axle underneath it
3. Attempt to build a millstone on top of it
4. Watch as the construction never begins
This can be worked around by building another gear assembly in the open space, and placing the millstone adjacent.

This is unlikely to be a priorities-related issue, as I had several dwarves with the necessary skills enabled.
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duplicate of 0001736new  Millstones may be designated as hanging, but are not built or used. 
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