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0011327Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- History Exportpublic2020-02-07 04:102020-02-07 04:10
0011327: Horrible experiments "race" names are exported as internal race-identifier only
        <name>monom tribeknives</name>
    ---> <race>HFEXP14689 E_HUM_1</race>

For most of the races this identifier can be easily translated into a human readable format, but there are also other races that lead to major problems, like "CAMEL_1_HUMP_MAN".

It would make a lot of things much easier if the name of races would be exported additionally in a human readable format, if possible even in singular and plural.

Mapping these race-identifiers to the plural human readable form, that is used in the population and site text-files, is currently not possible in an automated way.
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