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0011344Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Generalpublic2020-02-09 02:002020-02-13 01:16
Toady One 
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0011344: In the "attacked site" event, the defender can also be the mercenaries that are hired by the attackers
        <type>attacked site</type>
    ---> <defender_civ_id>456</defender_civ_id>
    ---> <site_civ_id>456</site_civ_id>
    ---> <attacker_merc_enid>456</attacker_merc_enid>

The Striteful Palisade are Defenders, SiteEntity and AttackerMercenaries...

In DF Legends Mode:
In the early spring of 105, The Hate of Light attacked The Striteful Palisade at Snarlinghailed. The goblin Snodub Hexautumns the Fluke of Persuaders led the attack, and the defenders were led by the dwarf Kogsak Theatermountain. The Striteful Palisade were hired by the attackers.
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2020-02-09 02:25   
The "field battle" event has the same issue and in "battle" eventcollections the same historical figures can be in <attacking_hfid> and <defending_hfid>, so it seams there is a fundamental problem.
Toady One   
2020-02-13 01:16   
Ha ha, there were a few non-xml problems here, and I've cleaned them up for next time. Could even get mummies and tomb-builders fighting over who controls the zombies (and sending them against themselves leading to -1,000,000,000 kills and other nonsense.)