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0011345Dwarf FortressReligionpublic2020-02-09 02:382020-03-02 15:48
0011345: Prophets create unrelated deviant sects
In closed testing conditions, prophets will spontaneously reach into unrelated spheres to the entity they are related to worships along fixed lines, ignoring [SPHERE_ALIGNMENT:] to germinate the world over time with unrelated religions (by usual margin of parent/child spheres you might expect being ignored).

This is normally undetectable amongst the noise of unrestrained human religions generating, and nations with prophets will still keep generating sects after the pantheon religion token has been culled.
Edit out all instances of pantheons, sphere alignment, dig deep disasters & forces from entity.txt and leave only dwarves pantheon religion intact, and lower them to a single sphere. Run the world for a subsequently long amount of time (100 - 150 or more years) and embark to see the selection of religions inside your civilization when making a temple.

Dwarves in that time will have filled themselves up with unrelated spheres to the one you have detailed. Alternative open up my attached save and draw a temple zone, as the above method steps have been followed.

Look for Litast the Colors of Luster (Light Sphere)& Shoveth Caverntwilights (Night,Dreams) as sects that have spawned and come to be known to my civilization.
Dig-deep disasters are only recommended to be removed for testing in accordance with 0011262 as they force themselves to adhere to evil spheres which in turn end up being spread around the dwarf nation, polluting the test results.

Save provided (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14767 [^] ))
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The expected result of a fix would be for clarity that dwarven prophets activated by the [RELIGION:PANTHEON] token would go out into a atheist non pantheon activated world and introduce the historical god entities to them of their fixed spheres & gather a congregation, since they dont use [SPHERE_ALIGNMENT] in Mountain entity.

Then the usual progressive spread can occur where minority introduced religion can become a majority in a period of years and population movement/dispora, eventually most citizens in visited civilizations & sites are familiarized without overt disaster or persecution.
2020-03-02 15:48   
This is pretty much fixed in 47.04 by what looks like more checks therefore resulting in more sane religion counts, but it would still be uncertain if prophets can still simply carry out the same process again across centuries rather than decades.