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0011382: Unmarked aquifer embarks spread water from non-aquifer stones
When embarking upon a non aquifer marked embark tile (see 0011358 ) randomized stones not designated to bear aquifers will self declare but not bleed water on their own. These stones won't activate until water from appropriate aquifer soil blocks (which shouldnt be there) touch them, and cause a chain reaction of bleeding water.

Smoothing the declared stones (not normal ones just touched by water) does not appear to have a effect but its hard to tell. The stones also do not suck up pressurised water like legitmate aquifer rock/soil surfaces.
Embark close but not ontop of a aquifer, preferably a light one, and find stones that ought to not bear aquifer water; including ones beyond a normal depth in little 'veins'.

Optionally, use a pond zone near to a isolated self declared bugged aquifer and watch it self replicate water.

Or open supplied save, view the gabbro locally wet in the bottom east of z5 barrel storage which are self declared aquifers (though now quite wet generally by flooding) and on z7 where there are some isolated pockets of aquifers that have never touched water on incompatible chert.
A direct elaboration on from 0011358

On varied aquifers the heavy self declared aquifers are nearly impossible to deal with in randomized depths with light aquifer trickles enabling them.

Save: (( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14813 [^] ))
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Started playing .47 today, and ran into this, non-aqiufer embark with slow soaking down the shaft. Thought it was from the damp stone, that would make sense.
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I have remembered that the initial embark start originally told me with low elevation that i would expect a large amout of soil if i embarked where I did, but on the save there are only 2 soil layers total.
2020-02-19 19:06   
Aquifers generate water in the tile one z-level directly below, too. You need to go two z-levels below the *lowest* aquifer before you dig outwards to avoid "water from above". Note the sand area on your farm level; if you dig up/down stairs there, you'll find a red sand aquifer layer on the "clay" level, directly above your flooding fortress area.