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0001139Dwarf FortressFlowspublic2010-04-14 03:452015-01-10 12:14
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Win Vista 64 bit
0001139: Plant grows in 7/7 water, blocks pump
Pumping from the underground lake had the pump draw up 7 water units making the square dry and either uncovering a fully matured underground tree or allowing one to grow instantly causing the water flows to stop and the pump to fail.

Basically a tree grew in deep water and blocked a pump.
I had drawn water from this spot earlier and then stopped it. When I restarted it the tree appeared. I do not know the tree was there before starting the pump.
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child of 0000457needs feedback lethosor Underground lakes/ponds: Mud and trees under 7/7 water 
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Likely the sapling spawned when you started pumping the first time. They might not be respecting water levels for killing saplings.
2010-04-14 08:56   
Supposedly they can grow in 7/7 water anyway -- see 0000457
2010-04-14 09:19   
There was a tag back in 40D that let you set the depth of water that would kill saplings, maybe that could be it?
2015-01-10 12:14   
If the pump is working continually then the square it is pumping from may be mostly 1/7 not 7/7.