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0001140Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaningpublic2010-04-14 05:402014-09-13 12:06
Toady One 
PCWindows XP0.31.01
0001140: "Clean" job uses underground/aboveground instead of inside/outside to determine what gets cleaned
Dwarves will only clean tiles that are underground. Inside aboveground tiles are ignored completely when cleaning takes place. This makes it virtually impossible to create surface fortresses with aboveground structures with roofs since inevitably, blood pools will form and trigger regular "Clean Self" bouts.

It seems that the check whether a tile should/can be cleaned by a dwarf uses aboveground/underground flag instead of the inside/outside flag.
Build a room aboveground of constructed walls with a constructed roof and slaughter something in there or otherwise create blood. Regardless of how many dwarves are idle and willing to clean other parts of the fortress, the blood in that structure will not be touched.
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2010-04-22 21:21   
This may be part of a larger problem; dumping items that are inside but above ground seems to requires the Gather refuse from Outside option is turned on. I suspect that the game treats above ground as outside.
2010-04-22 22:18   
That sounds about right, but it's not all their is to it. There's lots and lots of blood inside my fortress, deep underground that has been around for years and hasn't been cleaned. I agree, tiles outside never ever get cleaned, but there's some other weirdness going on too.

Above ground _is_ outside. Ever since DF went 3d, once a tile is exposed to sunlight, it is permanently 'lighted' and while it may say 'inside' on inspection, dwarves treat it as outdoors for the purposes of refuse orders and whatnot. This is nothing new.
2010-04-22 23:29   
What Derigo said is basicly evertything, the game uses a ray tracing system to detwmine the z level of any tile where light stops and roofs dont stop that. I believe its this system that causes the prpgram to think anything lit is outside.
2010-04-30 12:48   
Works the same as in 40D, except in 31.03 blood/vomit is no longer removed at the turn of each season. This means that with no one cleaning it, all above ground tiles are doomed to be forever covered in a sea of blood that will get tracked around your fortress.

Rain and snow will destroy blood/vomit if it hits that specific tile, but this will not help above ground buildings, such as castles that have rooms that are light but indoors.
2010-05-01 21:54   
I think, with new caverns concept, there should be another mechanism to mark tile for cleaning. I don’t want my dwarfs to clean caverns, but want them to clean their nice constructed houses (which are full of blood). Maybe there should be an option to mark burrow for cleaning?

Or at least dwarfs should clean inside/above ground as well.
2010-05-01 21:55   
Umm, well, designating area for cleaning would be fine, too :)
2010-05-02 09:31   
A setting under options would probably be ideal, such as in the refuse section. Blood spatter is a kind of refuse, so it would make sense there.

Cleaning everywhere/aboveground/belowground/off
Cleaning Priority high/medium/low

Even underground cleaning is by default an extremely low priority task. If you could adjust where dwarves clean and also bump up the priority, with high priority being the same priority as any other workshop/mining/hauling job, you could have dwarves tidy up large sections of the map very efficiently to remove the spatter problems.
2011-04-03 11:40   
Still in .25
2014-08-14 12:17   
Settings which claim to use "Inside/Outside" still actually use "Above ground/Subterranean" in 40.08. In particular, refuse hauling from "Inside, Above Ground" is controlled by the "Outside" refuse hauling standing order (see 0008008).
Toady One   
2014-09-13 12:06   
(edited on: 2014-09-13 12:08)
I've changed the confusing label. Further actual functionality will wait until I get to some cleaning suggestions.

edit: Given 0002626, perhaps it is best to go with Inside after all.