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0011425Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2020-02-27 12:322020-02-27 13:39
0011425: Tamed mounts attack vampire players upon feeding
Upon feeding on a creature as a vampire, any tamed mounts will attack the player.
Become a vampire, tame a mount, suck some blood from another creature.
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duplicate of 0011272new  Your pet starts freaking out and attacks you in Adventure Mode if it sees you sucking blood as an vampire 
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Should be corrected by Toadys commentary 0011363 hopefully , but i will mention this kind of thing with a animal making a loose snap-decision on whether to intervene to a entity loyalty conflict may be part of 0010059 as it carries the description closely of all wild and tame animals hold up responses dictated by ethics, even though the report itself is outdated. The mount may have viewed you as a murderer against the entity association you share between yourself, the victim and the mount that give it its historical pet name & status etc. like Toady's resolved loyalty conflict.

Could you provide a save to your vampire adventurer or a similar vampire adventurer so we can load it up and see for ourselves? Using the DFFD download mirror is recommended though not nessecarily required.
(( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ))