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0011456Dwarf FortressMaterial Propertiespublic2020-03-11 19:272021-09-20 05:11
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0011456: can start with tools made from wool
Tools made from wool - nest boxes, jugs, pots, hives, scroll rollers, book bindings, bookcases, pedestals, display cases, altars, and dice - are on the list of items available at fort mode embark preparation and adventurer creation.
This has been true for every 0.47.xx world that I have generated. Including completely vanilla worlds. I haven't checked earlier versions.
I haven't checked if they can be made or traded for in fort mode.
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2020-03-11 23:30   
I checked a world of mine, and saw the same thing for pre embark tool selection (haven't checked adventure mode). 0.47.04 Win64.
2020-03-12 11:33   
May be related to 0011408, another bug caused by failure to cull inappropriate materials.
2020-03-15 22:26   
Dwarves should be allowed to have a set of fuzzy dice
2021-01-24 17:57   
(edited on: 2021-01-24 18:49)
This one's actually trivial, hair template has [ITEMS_HARD] for some insane reason. That doesn't preclude the possibility that the [HARD_MAT] tool token might also be bugged, but fixing the material template would be a sane start.

Even then I'd strongly advise phasing out any further uses of [HARD_MAT] in favor of [BONE_MAT], [CERAMIC_MAT], [METAL_MAT], etc as needed, since it'd be the most futureproof way to prevent something weird like this from re-occurring.

Doesn't help with fixing the hardcoded items like mugs, but it's a start at least.

EDIT 2: Tested whether the inclusion of CERAMIC_MAT makes the reactions for producing clay tools obsolete, they'll still be needed it seems.

2021-01-25 03:52   
In a similar [ITEMS_HARD] way, bones, teeth and ivory alike have some strange relations to having importable goblets (ox horn goblets etc) which can't be created on site from the craftshop or the manager screen and are classed in a non-descript way compared to stone, glass etc.
2021-01-25 16:44   
So, why aren't there bone dice? Bone has [ITEMS_HARD]. Is it because bone also has [BONE]?

There really should be bone dice.
2021-01-28 14:52   
Same reason you can't embark with bone or shell armor despite being able to make them in the craft workshop, I'm guessing?
2021-09-20 05:11   
See also 0003736