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0011464Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2020-03-18 19:482020-03-22 16:32
0011464: Editing the LEISURE_TIME Token for [ENTITY:EVIL] causes game crash during world gen.
So I made a mod called the "Cultured Mod" where I've edited all of the civilization tokens concerning values to use the VARIABLE_VALUE token, that way each culture can be generated quite different each time they are created. However, replacing "[VALUE:LEISURE_TIME:0]" with "[VARIABLE_VALUE:LEISURE_TIME:-50:50]" will cause the game to crash at around 70~ years of world generation. Very rarely will it get past the year 100.

This doesn't seem to happen with any of the other civilization entities. Although adding variable values to animal people civilizations causes crashes too, I'm not here to report that. For whatever reason that specific token breaks the game when its applied to the goblin civilization.
Simply replace "[VALUE:LEISURE_TIME:0]" with "[VARIABLE_VALUE:LEISURE_TIME:-50:50]" under the [ENTITY:EVIL] section. And then attempt to generate a world.
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So, I tested this and it seems that is not necessarily the variability of the value, it's when goblins have a positive value for leisure time at all. That's why it doesn't crash every time on variable_value. But value:leisure_time:30 (for example) seems to crash for me every time.

And the fascinating point of all of this, is that yet again fish cleaning is the culprit. Remove permitted_job:fish_cleaner and modded goblins can enjoy their free time again.

So weird. And yet, kind of all makes sense.

MERRIMENT also crashes goblins if you give them a positive value. Again, removing fish_cleaner fixes it.

2020-03-22 16:32   
Well thank you for elaborating this for me, the bug is just absolutely bizzare in general. Next time I update my mod I'll be sure to remove fish cleaning from the goblin civ.