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0011481Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinkingpublic2020-03-28 11:322020-03-28 11:32
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0011481: Dwarf eats mud left from mud man
A mud man in 3rd cavern layer got killed (by a forgotten beast) and left a 'mud' item. After a while this 'mud' item got claimed by a dwarf with a 'eat' job. This dwarf then proceeded to pick it up, haul it to the main dining room, put it on a table and consume it.

The dwarf received no thought about this action (except for dining in a legendary dining room) and continued with her day like normal.

You can check screenshots and save files in the `Additional Information` section.
Haven't tried - I suppose you need a dead mud man and a hungry dwarf nearby?
https://imgur.com/a/b7vworp [^]

Save files (the dwarf is just about to arrive at the table, see first screenshot above):
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ana30so092bhmr7/mud_lunch_df_47_04.zip?dl=1 [^]
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