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0011490: Visitors giving birth during visit leave their baby behind
In my current save, two visitors gave birth during their visit to the fort. When they left the fort however, they failed to take their children with them and left them behind.

Both babies were listed as friendly visitors under the unit list and didn't seem to do much other than standing around where they were born.
Reproducing it might be hard. You'd have to wait until a pregnant visitor turns up by chance and lock them away until they've given birth.
There seems to be a related bug (http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=9544 [^]), but it concerns the outpost liaison specifically. In that report, the newborn baby became part of the fort, presumably because it is the same civilisation. The visitors in my case were part of a different civ (an elf and a goblin).

I can provide a save if needed, although I'm afraid it's years after it happened. I didn't think about filing this report earlier. One of the babies crawled into a pond and drowned, but the other one is still around and has grown up to be a child.
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I've had visitors giving birth and ignoring the babies in 0.44.12, and they eventually end up drowning themselves in the water cistern. I don't think the babies became fortress members (and the visitors didn't belong to my civ).
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I've had the Mountainhomes Liasion give birth during her visit, and leave her baby behind as a member of the fort. The baby grew into a fort child, and there were no epic tearful visits each time her mother visited the fort.
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Phenomenon is very prevalent with experiment births, counting experiment-animals which refuse to leave afterwards of a siege rather than acknowledge their parent civ/site-civ.
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Duplicate of 0011580, which is duplicate or related to 0009544.