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0011506Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2020-04-14 10:132020-05-06 09:30
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0011506: Failed experiment gave birth to friendly "Visitor" during siege
The race name is "HFEXP7182 E_FS_1" according to DFHack. I assume the offspring ought to have inherited the allegiance of its mother. The creature died shortly after, probably killed by my traps when trying to enter the fortress.
I assume you'd need a long siege (mine just passed from the second to the third season) of suitable necro experiments and hope one gives birth (or, I guess, induce pregnancy).
Using LNP r01, the Phoebus tileset, DFHack
- PSV world
- DFHacking all glaciers to evil during world gen
- Biodiversity DFHacking to assign all surface plants and creatures to all biomes they're legal for.
- Ensure a particular biome is evil.
- Pre embark DFHacking to shape the biomes at the embark to contain all the 9 biomes possible.
Raws slightly modded:
- Wood for woodless trees to get them to appear.
- Doubled Gremlin size to allow others to make Kobold clothes for it before it can petition and make clothes itself (which requires using Dwarf Therapist), as they'll go insane during the petition cool down otherwise.
- Reduced all attack triggers for monsters
- Reduced attack triggers for civs
- Made goblins start on glaciers exclusively
- Increased max site size for elves (in the hope of getting enough of them to visit)
- Removed mandates for dwarf nobility (I consider them incompatible with the injustice system that's mandatory with Villains).

I don't think any of the above is relevant to the issue.
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2020-04-19 00:51   
Another siege where I was forced to withdraw to the core of the fortress while the necro invaders trashed what they could find for a year. 3 waves of experiment "animal" births (the last one just a few days after the siege was lifted) have left the surface with 20 or so experiments that don't seem to be hostile to either the undead besiegers, locals or visitors. They're going to become a serious catsplosion issue, however.
2020-05-06 09:30   
I can confirm this as well, had a bunch of dog-monsters experiments produce large litters after about a year of mulling around the outside of my fort.