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0011531: Guest (monster slayer) visiting dwarf was made the Baron of my fortress after being promoted to baron in their home fortress
New fortress, new fun

Anyways, I get the announcement:
"'Guest 4 Sword DF' Inkyripe, being the rightful heir, has inherited the position of baron of Denmountain"

Denmountain is not my fortress, but it is a a part of my civilization. However, this dwarf is now the baron of my fortress. I am not sure what the long term repercussions of this are, and I dont want to spend hours of my time finding out.

1.) Does this prevent my own citizen from becoming the baron of my own fortress?
2.) Will this screw up further promotions (count, duke, etc)?
3.) What happens if this baron leaves? If they live? If they die?

Uploading save file in comment
Dig down to cavern at the start so monster slayers arrive. Accept their offer to slay monsters.

See if you get a dwarf guest

If they get promoted as a baron in their home fortress, they will become baron of yours.

At the time of promotion, I had a population > 20.
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