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0011572Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2020-07-04 04:232022-05-16 13:13
0011572: Gremlin residents (before petition for citizenship) claim doors as intruders
Gremlins in the phase between capture/training and citizenship application (and probably the acceptance thereof) claim the doors they pass through as if they were intelligent intruders ("DOOR USED BY INTRUDER Retake door to forbid it").
Capture a gremlin, train it, release it, and watch doors being taken.
While I don't believe any of it has any relation to the bug, I've subjected the world to the following:
- Using DFHack
- Using a PSV world with worldgen modified to change a particular biome to evil, ensure all glaciers are evil, added all creatures and plants legal to a region to the set available in it.
- Goblins modified to start exclusively on glaciers (to control where they start).
- Elves increased in site size in an attempt to get enough of them in the world to come as visitors (generally unsuccessful: they mostly arrive as members of the bugged performance troupes).
- Gremlins doubled in size so they can wear kobold size clothes, to avoid them going insane due to being naked for two years before they can make their own (I believe this issue was present before I increase their size, though, several years ago).
- Modified dwarves to not spew mandates.
- Using a script to teleport villainous visitors into the magma sea for destruction on entering the map.
- Script to control (booze) cooking and brewing to keep almost all dorf food and drink needs satisfied.
- Script hacking dorfs to replace impossible food/drink preferences with something that's at least theoretically possible (though I don't capture vermin, so replacing hamster brains with hamster doesn't achieve much in that case).
- An occasional teleportation to get dorfs down from trees and stop them from escaping from burrows when they've finally gotten inside (nuptial encouragement suites: after finishing jobs they wander away before checking jobs, and then they're outside).
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Can confirm this, and after applying for citizenship, the problem persists.
As for another way to reproduce this: If you start the game as an ousider adventurer you can get (hundreds!) of gremlins as pets since they only cost a urist. If you retire the adventurer and his pets in a fortress they will apply for permanent citizenship after two years. The gremlins will take doors like their wild relatives which can get rather annoying, especially with dozens of them in your fortress. For an example unretire the fortress of Mischieflaws (Cemoshtoral) in the Museum III adventure world, save game here:
https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15922 [^]

(it is near the bottom of the ehm.. rather extensive list of player constructed fortresses)
The fortress has approximately ten gremlin citizens with permanent residence granted. If you wait for a while they will likely start taking doors. just check the doors after a while to confirm.

I've messed with the gremlins a bit using dfhack but the problem was already present before I did. (I used tweak makeown because despite being granted citizenship I could not assign them any jobs, tweak makeown did not fix that completely, but it did allow me to change their jobs through use of dwarf therapist)