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0011575Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2020-07-07 14:102020-07-07 14:10
0011575: Steel Bodies And Other Hard Inorganic Bodies Are Frail
Steel, adamantine and slade bodies used on my adventurers aren't protecting them. It takes a single hit of human punch to fracture them.
1. Create a new creature out of bronze colossus source code.
2. Lower the size to 40000 units and change all bronze tissues into steel, adamantine or slade just so the entire body's material would change.
3. Let in arena mode a human hit you. Repeat several times to notice your body parts will often fracture.
Attacks very rarely glance away. Entire anomaly found by me on version 0.43.04

Bonus: Dragonfire temperature in arena mode causes slade adventurer to melt over time even with FIREIMMUNE_SUPER trait.

Body parts can also easily get severed and sail of in an arc. Happened to me when a dwarf hit me with a weak crossobow projectile but I don't remember which exactly. 3 body parts were severed at once by targetting a leg.
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