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0011580Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2020-07-09 02:522020-07-09 02:52
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0011580: Visitors giving birth abandon their bugged offspring
Visitors giving birth in your fortress ignore their babies, so they crawl around until encountering something dangerous. The mother also leaves the baby behind when leaving the fortress, and the babies are of the bugged "Friendly" variety that's destined to go insane from unmet needs unless killed by something else first (another example is the "returning" members of performance troupes showing up if you've accepted a troupe petition).

Thus, there are two issues:
1. Visitors giving birth ignore their babies.
2. The babies are bugged. They should be visitors, although it might not matter if they're brought away from the fortress when their mothers leave (but make sure that happens even if the mothers overstay so that the babies grow up into children before leaving: some visitors stay for a very long time).
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