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0001164: Same dwarves are training every month.
Ok, I have ten dwarves assigned to a squad, all assigned battleaxes which they all seem to be carrying around. I have it set to where a minimum of three dwarves are training every month. Well they have been training every month but it's the same three dwarves training all the time. I have three professional axedwarves and the rest aren't even dabbling.

There's a couple of other bugs that may or may not be associated with this. I forged some bronze armor and now it's nowhere to be found. I presumed they were wearing it but I checked their inventories and they're not and there's no bronze armor in the armor/weapon stockpile. But they all have the bronze shields I made.

They're also doing the thing I reported in issue 0000756 which means the cause of that bug may not be what I thought it was.
Don't know. This may have happened every time and this is the first time I noticed it. It could be related to the armor bug or any number of things.
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This may be related to 0000751
I recall in my last fort a squad that got stuck in the eternal 'individual combat drill' bug. They were set to a minimum of 8 training, but there was one dwarf who never, over the course of 3 years, picked up his weapon to train once.

As for the bronze armor, you could try hunting it down through the stocks screen.
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I get this one. A single dwarf in a three dwarf squad trains. Everyone else does nothing. I've checked all the settings and it's all set up right. I've even switched said dwarf from being militia commander to just a normal soldier. Still, everyone else in the squad sits around, leader included.

EDIT: This is probably a separate, yet related, issue: the dwarf is currently training even though there is no training currently being scheduled.