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0011661Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2020-12-16 17:362020-12-17 02:28
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0011661: Necromancer marries zombie
A necromancer married a zombie during regular play (happened in fortress mode offscreen? i think?), not an intelligent undead. I feel like this shouldn't happen because I assume zombies are not meant to develop relationships as they are not intelligent.
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2020-12-17 02:28   
Unfortunately, a report is of little use in itself, unless there's an easy to replicate method describing how to reproduce the error in the report.

A compressed save (the regionX folders within the save folder contain the various saves) uploaded to https://dffd.bay12games.com/category.php?id=20 [^] with a description of who the necro and the zombie is may help.

It can be noted that DF's Legends Mode (and the glimpses you can get through fortress members' relations) info can be misleading in that events happening in the past are described as having happened to the characters in their current state (e.g. a dorf who married 10 years ago and became a necromancer last year describes a marriage between a necromancer dorf and another dorf).