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0011687Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2021-02-07 01:082022-09-04 03:17
Doesn't matter.
0011687: My Nature Hating Adventure Who Lacks Altruism And Is Very Cruel Isn't Happy After Butchering Animals
I have created an adventurer who hates nature and he doesn't receive happy thought from killing ravens.
1. Make him completely disvalue nature.
2. Give maximum cruelty.
3. Give minimum altruism.
Priority is high because it breaks immersion. Created character isn't really who you want him to be.

Maybe it is actually possible to make him happy in adventure mode from doing that but I am missing something.
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2021-02-07 11:54   
This is really you suggesting that creatures with certain personalities should get satisfaction from certain actions that they don't currently, not a bug. You know where suggestions go.
2021-02-09 11:53   
Only certain activities regarding slaughtering (alive) and caging animals evoke thoughts but more concrete presented evidence of not having a correct stimulus would help with your issue report. Neither of these activities really doable in adventuremode so this is a suggestion, which Ziusundra helps point out has its own place on the forum.
2022-02-12 09:22   
Did you check 'cheer propensity'? If a dwarf has very low cheer, then several types of positive thoughts are prevented, generating 'didn't feel anything at work' for example when a dwarf completes a job that uses a preference or fills a need. This is not a bug but a proper implementation of a very complex personality system. Additionally, killing ravens in adventure mode is a combat action, thus unrelated to how much a dwarf hates or likes nature.
  That being said, I have noticed that slaughtering a live creature (not the same as killing one in combat) at a butcher shop (in fortress mode) never generates a thought related to 'slaughtering a creature' (although it can generate 'feels XXXX at work'), but butchering an already dead animal (butcher shop in fortress mode) does generate a 'feels XXXX after slaughtering a creature' thought. This unintuitive distinction between living and dead targets for butcher/slaughter might be the (indeed trivial) bug rico6822 is referring to, although from the description this seems unlikely.
2022-09-04 03:17   
I'm pretty sure I have maximum cheerfulness to my adventurer.