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0011722Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2021-03-14 07:172021-03-19 12:13
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Windows 10
0011722: citizen werecreature killing another citizen will "find" the citizen it kills while still transformed
I had two soldiers walled off because I suspected they might have been bitten by a werecreature.

One of them was infected, and killed the other.

Right after the kill, while the killer was still a werecreauture, the game gold me the victim "has been found dead". They were in a completely walled off area with no other citizens around.

This seems like a bug, since the werecreature, while transformed, should not be finding dead bodies like a normal citizen would.
See "Description". I do not know if this always happens.
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2021-03-15 15:44   
Well.....this really depends on what "found" even means. There's no reporting system in the fortress yet. And who is the player if not a representative of all of the citizens in the fortress, one of whom has legitimately seen a body, even if they're walled up and transformed into a beast? Citizens who can't talk, citizens who are mad, citizens who are beserk, even citizens who are suffocating and about to die can all "find" bodies right now.
2021-03-19 12:13   
yes i suppose this is more of a missing feature than a real bug.