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0011723Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockspublic2021-03-20 11:532021-03-20 16:36
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Windows 8.1, 64-bit
0011723: Stocks screen reports items that don't exist in fortress (namely, raw glass)
After trying to get my gemcutter dwarves to cut gems based on what I saw in the stocks screen, they started cancelling their jobs due to not finding some of the gems. The gems they were having problems with were raw green glass and raw crystal glass. It wasn't any of the usual issues - I made sure my jeweler's workshop was accessible, and every other bug I could find involving dwarves not finding rough gems had already been fixed. I tried forbidding and un-forbidding those items, and even designate them for dumping from the stocks screen show that they would hopefully show up in my quantum stockpile, but nothing worked. Finally, I resorted to using DFHack's expanded stocks screen (I know, but I didn't have any other way of making sure). When I searched for "glass" in the expanded stocks screen, nothing came up. So I think the game is erroneously reporting raw glass on the stocks screen that isn't actually in my fortress.
1. Download this save file: https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15472 [^]
2. Go to stocks screen, under the "Rough gems" section. Note the 3 raw green glass and 1 raw crystal glass in the list.
3. Issue job orders to cut green or crystal glass.
4. Watch as the dwarves cancel their glass-cutting jobs due to not having raw glass.
The save file also includes an artifact that contains an image of itself, yet was not made with anything resembling the Planepacked bug (Stesoknomal, "The Molten Staff", a lychee wood earring). I haven't tried reporting that yet, though, because I haven't yet gotten it to happen without DFHack enabled.
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You can expand the default stocks screen by pressing 'Tab'. The items are in red like they're owned by a merchant, and pressing 'z' to zoom to them takes you to a tree trunk at the edge of the map. I tried chopping down the tree, but the items don't appear.

Edit: DFHack shows that the gems are at the coordinates (-30000,-30000,-30000), which means they're considered in limbo outside of your embark.