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0011725: Temple request by petitioned civs
I have a temple request by a religion that belongs to a civ that my citizens do not belong to. I suspect this is because I have approved traveling troops into my fort for entertaining citizens and they are mostly goblin. I got a request for a temple and during the creation of the zone it shows 13 members of the religion in my fort but I am unable to assign a priest since none of the members are actually fortress citizens or some other reason. Thus I cannot fulfill the request as it requires a priest.
Create a fort and have it long enough to allow other civ members to come visit or performance troops to stay long term. I am unsure how you could really reproduce this other then with some hacking as it has some very specific conditions.
I am running with DFHACK but I do not think this problem is with that program or anything its doing with the game. I also posted the issue on reddit and another member said they had a similar issue. Of course I could just not grant the request as they are not really members of the fort so it wouldn't matter much but just found it odd that it would do this.

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Disregard the part where I said I needed a priest to satisfy the request because you do not even though its part of the working for the request. I checked this today and it was not failed. So other then not being able to assign a priest this is pretty minor an issue.