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0011730Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2021-03-24 21:442021-03-28 15:16
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0011730: Crash on Fortress mode start
Every time I try to start a game in Fortress mode, DF crashes with a popup titled FATAL ERROR containing the text "data/save/region[number]/raw/objects/text/book_instruction.txt NOT FOUND". I've created four different worlds with different parameters, in both Create New World! and advanced worldgen, and they all crash at the same point every time, rendering the game completely unplayable.

I'm using the Legacy Windows 64-bit version of 0.47.05.
1. Run worldgen
2. Start Playing
3. Select Dwarf Fortress mode
4. Game crashes before it even loads the embark screen
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2021-03-25 01:12   
Does the regular Windows 64 bit version work?
2021-03-25 02:39   
Have you installed DF in a location Windoze doesn't give you full access to?
C:, D:, etc. doesn't seem to work well (i.e. the very topmost level), and the same goes for the desktop. I also would avoid the temp folders.
2021-03-27 12:17   
Sadly, the regular Windows 64 bit version crashes immediately on startup, without even getting to the intro movie. Strangely, my computer has never had any problem with earlier versions of DF - 0.47.04 worked just fine.
2021-03-27 12:19   
It's installed in my Documents folder, which is also where the earlier versions are.
2021-03-28 07:59   
Does the file you mentioned ("data/save/region[number]/raw/objects/text/book_instruction.txt") exist in any of the saves you've created?

As for the SDL version of DF, does retrying with a clean installation help?
2021-03-28 15:16   
Random question, but you're not using the 32 bit Windows 8 are you? Also check how much disc space you have left. Worlds can be fairly big.