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0011737: Strange Mood dwarf being pushed by creature during artifact creation breaks said creation
I was playing a fortress normally, dealing with infestations that came up from the caverns once in a while. One of my dwarves was in the middle of creating an artifact when one such infestation, of Creeping Eyes, arose, and one of the creatures got to the workshop of the Strange Mood dwarf and successfully pushed them.

When I noticed they weren't in their workshop anymore without completing the artifact, I saw them several tiles away, still occasionally being pushed around, but never trying to get back to the workshop. After having my military dwarves clean out the Creeping Eyes the Strange Dwarf still didn't go back to artifact creation - in fact, they refused to move at all.

I made sure the DFHack installation I had wasn't causing it by disabling it and restarting my game, and sure enough, still standing there. I assume it might be a pathfinding oversight of some kind due to the game not expecting a Strange Mood dwarf to move from their workshop once they begin constructing their artifact.
These are what I assume the steps for reproducing this odd behavior are:

1. Get a strange mood dwarf, have them claim a workshop and get all their materials
2. Have a creature capable of displacing dwarves (in my case, a Creeping Eye that got lucky) push them away from their workshop while artifact creation is in process.

I haven't tried to set this up myself yet due to the randomness of a) getting a Strange Mood dwarf and fulfilling all material requests and b) getting a creature capable of shoving dwarves to push said Strange Mood dwarf. I'll probably try to see if other potential methods of displacement work as well (nothing that also destroys the workshop, since that will obviously just make them go insane).
World file (should be able to go into my fortress game from there):
https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15487 [^]
0.47.05, artifacts, Fortress Mode, pathfinding, push, Save Included, strange mood
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2021-03-31 01:10   
As expected, after a while they went insane due to not being able to complete their artifact, so it doesn't lock up their status/job.