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0011739Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2021-04-04 08:482021-04-05 02:47
Knight Otu 
0011739: Token `[VOLUME_mB:..]` breaks standard
In an effort to create modding tools for DF ( https://gitlab.com/df-modding-tools [^] ) we have found a token in the RAW file that breaks all conventions used in the whole of the code base.

All token names are all uppercase, for example: `[OBJECT:...]`, `[CREATURE:..]`.
this is true for all tokens except `[VOLUME_mB:..]` this token has a lowercase `m` in it.

In our afford to create rules for the language this seems to be the only exception.

Would it be possible to accept both `VOLUME_mB` and `VOLUME_MB`? Or just change this so everything is uniform?
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Knight Otu   
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As a reference, the VOLUME_mB token is an instrument token, which means one wouldn't find it in the standard raws, just modded raws or extracted generated raws.