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0011746Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machinespublic2021-04-08 19:242021-04-17 13:33
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XPS8700Windows 1010.0.19042
0011746: Windmill deconstructs when channeling across it.
Built windmill over kitchen. Later channeled out to open up the top to air once I had blocks to cover it over with walls. Was channeling out one row at a time and building a row of walls then repeating. Every time the dwarves channeled out around the windmill it would deconstruct. The dwarves did not channel the tiles the windmill was sitting on but I had run the line over the windmill.
Dig out area
channel 1 square
build millstone
build windmill directly above
Channel out a line of dirt crossing over the windmill
wait till channeling occurs and it will deconstruct
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Could you clarify what you mean by "Channel out a line of dirt crossing over the windmill"? Were you channeling tiles adjacent to the existing channeled tile from step 2? Windmills take up a 3x3 tile area, so this would be expected.