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0011774: Wildlife Reanimated By Evil Biomes As Quest Targets Will Attack Necromancers Or Was That A Necromancer Experiment?
While playing as necromancer I was hunting for random quest animals moving around map as asterix. The result was upon hitting one of them "you feel uneasy" not an ambush. Once I allowed giant ZOMBIE dingo to see me he went "no quarter".
1. Play adventure mode as demigod (it's just safer).
2. Learn secrets of life and death.
3. Try to (approach and get detected) by a quest creature with it's lair being indicated to be in an evil biome. Hope it's a reanimated animal.
The giant dingo in question had no injuries initially for some reason like missed tongue or whatever. Zombie had no modified body parts.

If you wish I can send a save file.
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I encountered recently with "you feel uneasy" ANIMATED CORPSES of dingo men and women and they turned all hostile upon detection.
2021-07-05 22:32   
The zombies weren't raised by you so aren't neutral broadly. EI - you're not the creator of the tower or one of the faction entity's members so it would regard a outsider like you hostile and if a true necromancer went to another necro's tower area or naturally evil ressurecting biome they'd recieve the same response from ambient animated wildlife.

That is a light speculation, based on the broad base observation that zombies fight for the interests of those who raise them solely as a individual in 47.xx + and regional corpse raising through exuding death-sphere is a entity tied effect.