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0011781: I Tried To Break Dark Fortress In Adventure Mode By Leaving My Undead Behind To Kill Remaining Survivors But Nothing Happened
I raised like 200 corpses and there were almost no trolls or beak dogs left in the dark fortress. I killed their unique clown and I checked for if there is someone in hidden fun spire. I think I merely left few survivors. I checked everywhere.

I have than raised random corpses and decided to flee so they could do the job off-screen but nothing happened.
1. Kill almost everyone in dark fortress including clown.
2. Rise a lot of dead as necromancer.
3. Run away from them until they are no longer companions.
4. Do fast travel and notice how the site is not ruined.
I was playing as outsider not belonging to civilization.

Maybe I actually missed something or this destruction mechanic is not implemented at all.

I felt no lag when exploring near giant tower after I wiped out nearly everyone.
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2021-07-19 03:10   
The typical zombie undead aren't intelligent and do not have a squad leader with them to co-ordinate their actions.

Using this youtube video presented by kruggsmash as evidence ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07KcfTNTbeg [^] ) killing the necromancer by infiltrating/brute forcing their army camp would cause zombies to spread out and split off aimlessly from the directionless war-host.
2021-07-20 23:20   
But won't denizens of dark fortress try to fight of intruders?
2021-07-21 03:46   
> But won't denizens of dark fortress try to fight of intruders?

You unloaded all of the non-historical zombies you raised to kill the non-historical goblins, so they got scrubbed by the game as soon as you were sufficiently far away.

Probably working as intended until the army arc goals are fufilled for "Basic command of large armies on travel-scale map" under "Adventurer military improvements" which zombies could be a part of.
2021-07-21 03:53   
Kruggsmash's example is already a army, which the zombies are already technically "soldiers" of to keep them intact during and after the necro's leadership, as with other armies which utilize non-historical fodder from [POSITION:CAPTAIN] subordinates.
2021-07-21 23:15   
So I disintegrated my own men? Damn.